Scrap reporting

Scrap reporting - Defect cards

The software for recording of scrap, technological losses or monitoring the course of attributive features of products within the entire company is module "Scrap reporting - Defect cards". This module is designed to be as simple as possible and data entry does not take much time. Most of the data is taken from pre-prepared code lists. Recorded defects are identified by the period of origin, shift, service, place of origin (finding) of the defect, workplace, center, product, product group and order number. According to all of the above-mentioned identification features, it is possible to make data selections and analyze them using a Pareto diagram or to monitor the time course of found defects (scraps) for your defined areas. This module can be integrated together with the module "Statistical process control - SPC Station" or it can be separate.

Summary of the main functions of the module:



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