CAQ Information system

Quality management software

CAQ Information System

Q-LanYs CAQ information system is based on long-term experience in the field of quality management. This product was created based on the practical needs of optimization and increasing the performance of quality management systems. CAQ information system Q-LanYs is not just software, but the delivery of a comprehensive solution for securing and optimizing individual areas of quality management.

The CAQ information system Q-LanYs also includes an effective AGENT tool, which ensures automatic monitoring of the date of tasks / events within individual modules and notifies them via e-mail.
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Software support for system processes

Q-LanYs system process support includes a sophisticated quality management system that guarantees your company efficiency and increased performance in various areas.

It includes a comprehensive DMS system for documentation management, complaint management, metrology and, for example, preventive and predictive maintenance with a focus on TPM.
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Monitoring and visualization of product quality

One of the important areas of the CAQ information system is product quality monitoring, which includes SPC systems, visualization of monitored parameters, batch release systems, FMEA risk analysis system, online monitoring of quality parameters and more.
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Monitoring of the production process and machine downtime

Nowadays, it is necessary not only to constantly improve and optimize the quality of manufactured products, but also to place great emphasis on increasing labor productivity and reducing the cost of production processes.

For this purpose, the software "Monitoring of the production process and machine downtime" was developed to identify weaknesses in labor productivity and activities affecting the cost and productivity of production processes.
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Q-LanYs quality management support

To effectively support quality management, we provide comprehensive services, including, but not limited to:
  • program maintenance, including remote access
  • improvement of existing versions according to customer requirements
  • hot-line
  • system changes of IS versions
  • regular update of individual modules via an intuitive application

Q-LanYs Software Pack 2020

Complete support

For companies starting with building a quality management system, we offer support, consulting, staff training and solutions leading to successful certification according to international standards ISO 9001, QS9000, VDA and IATF 16949.


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