Supplier evaluation

The "Supplier Evaluation" software is intended for the purchasing department and employers working to improve suppliers. This module offers a number of tools to provide important information about suppliers. To manage the tasks and measures resulting from the evaluation of suppliers, tools are available to ensure records and a perfect overview of the measures taken and the progress of their implementation.

Supplier evaluation is performed on the basis of indicators:

 Main parts of the module "Supplier evaluation"


Lists are supposed to define indicators for supplier evaluation and other data to facilitate the recording of suppliers and their evaluation.


Records of suppliers, managing correspondence with suppliers and recording important information about suppliers.

Supplier evaluation

Summary of supplier evaluation tools.

Tasks / Actions

For the management of tasks and measures resulting from the evaluation of suppliers and negotiations with suppliers, tools are available ensuring a perfect overview of the accepted tasks, the progress of their fulfillment, control of due tasks, etc.

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Q-LanYs - Software pro Hodnocení dodavatelů


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