First part release

Input control software, Production line release software (1st part release), Output control software, Testing laboratories software

These modules are designed for monitoring and acceptance of input material, semi-finished products and final products. To release batches, you can use AQL batches to control batches in series with transition rules and LQ batches of isolated batches without transitiont rules.

The following functions are included within these modules:

Creation of control instructions

It is used to define control instructions for the acceptance of material, semi-finished and finished products. Within the control instructions, you define the required dimension, including tolerances, selection size, frequency of tests, limits of intervention, prescribed gauge and more.

Delivery control planning (batches)

In the case of defining periodic tests, the system automatically checks the validity of the performed measurements and performs an indication of tests that must be measured for the given product at a given time. To control batches in series (AQL acceptances), you can use the function of determining the size of the selection on the size of the controlled batch and the rules for normal, reduced or stricter control.

Recording and evaluation of measurements

When the measurement is recorded, the value is immediately evaluated against the tolerance limits. Based on the measurement result, you have the option of printing a production release / non-release report or a test report.

Analysis of recorded data

For a detailed analysis of the measured parameters, statistical tools are available that allow you to analyze the recorded data for a specific period, product, product group or other data sets according to your definition. The required values ​​can be displayed using the X − card.

Analysis of nonconforming deliveries

Pareto analysis is available for the analysis of the parameters most involved in nonconforming batches.

Q-LanYs - Software Vstupní a Výstupní kontrola, Zkušebny   Q-LanYs - Software Vstupní a Výstupní kontrola, Zkušebny


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