Management of technical standards and drawings

Management of technical standards, regulations and drawings

This program is designed mainly to rationalize work in technical standardization departments, libraries and technical departments. However, there is nothing to prevent it from being used in other departments (business services, marketing) that need fast and accurate information on the applicable technical standards. It could be used for all users to obtain records of technical standards of domestic (and company), as well as European, other international and foreign. It enables effective search for a standard or standards from the area in which the user is interested. At the same time, it will provide summary information about the searched standard and, if necessary, the user of the program can save its full text, any pictures, graphs, diagrams, drawings in any format to record a specific standard. The program also includes basic library work (records of loans and regular users), including the search for borrowed standards or permanently assigned from various perspectives. The program contains databases of standards that contain current and revoked standards. Furthermore, these databases follow the register of regular users, the register of loans and the database of persons. All data are interconnected and it is possible to switch freely between individual data files. There is support for creating, managing and printing requirements for ordering standards.

A complete list of standards is available for ČSN standards, for which a regular update according to the ČSNI journal is provided. This will give you a perfect overview of valid ČSN standards, their changes, cancellation or replacement by other standards.

You will also find tools for managing technical regulations and drawings. In addition to its own records, there are functions for managing their distribution, loans and the ability to insert complete drawing and other technical documentation to the required records, which allows you to use this application for electronic distribution of drawings, technical regulations and technical standards.

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