Laboratory test planning

The Laboratory test planning software is intended for planning long-term tests, for recording their course and final result. For each test device, the individual tests are queued, where you can easily plan the date of their start and the expected date of their end. You can see the scheduled exams in a list or also graphically using a Gantt chart, where you can interactively edit the dates of individual exams. By using this program, you will not only significantly simplify the management of your laboratory or testing room, but also the staff of other departments will receive a quick response when their required test is completed.

Use the "Input and output control, testing laboratory" software for standard control of test rooms and laboratories.

The basic parts of this module are:

Q-LanYs - Plánování dlouhodobých laboratorních zkoušek

Q-LanYs - Plánování dlouhodobých laboratorních zkoušek


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