Complaints from customers

Complaints from customers, management of complaints

It is a useful software for ensuring the management of customer complaints in the style of workflow. In addition to the basic records of received and processed complaints, you will find a number of functions for maintaining correspondence to complaints, evaluation of indicators, tools for the analysis of complaints for the required period and basic monthly reports.

The main parts of the Customer Complaints module:


Lists are supposed to define the information used in other parts of the program. In this part it is possible to predefine the list of products, the list of customers, suppliers. Further define the catalog of defects and the catalog of causes of complaints.

Receipt of complaints

It is about registering a new complaint (acceptance) and recording important information about the claimed product. That is - who complains, a description of the defect and the claimed product, the number of claimed products, the date of receipt of the claim, samples and more. Then a guarantor is appointed to settle the complaint and after sending the information to the person (guarantor), the complaint is automatically moved to the section for handling the complaint.

Complaint handling

The process of settling a complaint in the style of workflow, ie expressing a technical opinion, the possibility of establishing a corrective measure or 8D report, repair, sorting, scrapping pieces and the final decision on the complaint. It also includes the possibility of directly linking the complaint from the customer with a specific complaint to the supplier (the management of the complaint to the supplier is already taking place in the Complaints to suppliers module). As part of the entire complaint handling process, it is possible to attach attachments, manage correspondence with those responsible and others.

Reaction time model

Within the Complaints from customers module, it is possible to predefine the reaction time model, which indicates the fulfillment of individual 8D steps in the time horizon. As part of the complaint handling process, the fulfillment of individual steps is then automatically evaluated with respect to the model. It also includes a qualitative Q-8D evaluation of the actual process of fulfilling the 8D report.

Analysis of complaints

From the collected data on complaints, a detailed evaluation is possible according to the number of complaints or the cost of complaints in relation to products, customers or product groups. These are indicators such as the number of complaints (according to various characteristics), the volume of complaints in CZK, cost statements, indicators related to the average time of complaints, the possibility of determining the type of defects or causes most involved in complaints, response time to steps 8D and others.

Monthly report

Due to the need to report on the status and development of complaints, an output report is available informing about received complaints in a given month, about accepted complaints, about non-accepted complaints since the beginning of the year and about the number of unresolved complaints.
To support visual management, there is a graphic monthly report available.



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