Complaints to suppliers

Complaints to suppliers, management of complaints

It is a useful software for managing the claimed deliveries. In addition to the basic records of complaints, you will find a number of functions for maintaining correspondence to complaints, evaluation of indicators, tools for the analysis of complaints for the required period and basic monthly reports.

The main parts of the supplier complaint module:


Lists are supposed to define the information used in other parts of the module. In this section it is possible to predefine the list of materials, suppliers and the catalog of defects.

Records of complaints

It involves recording the complaint and recording important information about the claimed material, supplier, important time data regarding the resolution of the complaint, claimed defects, quantity of claimed products, information about costs associated with the complaint, etc. Part of the complaint card is also correspondence for complaints (eg pictures or photos of claimed defects or received 8D Report).

Evaluation of indicators

Based on the data provided in the complaints card and code lists, an evaluation of the indicators of the progress of complaints is available. These are indicators of the number of complaints and the cost of complaints in CZK.

Analysis of complaints

From the collected data on complaints, a detailed evaluation is possible according to the number of complaints or costs related to products, customers or product groups. It is also possible to evaluate the type of defects or causes that are most involved in complaints.

Monthly report

Due to the need to report on the status and progress of complaints, an output report is available informing about submitted complaints in a given month, about accepted complaints from the beginning of the year, about non-acccepted complaints from the beginning of the year and the number of open complaints.

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