System and process audits

Quality management system audit

Quality Management Audit software is designed to manage internal and external system or process audits of the quality system.
The main functions of this module are:

Definition of audit units

The auditing module is adapted to manage audits for several audit units (eg different production plants, suppliers, production divisions, etc.) for which it is necessary to distinguish between different quality management requirements, and thus also ensure the evaluation of the quality management system within individual units ( accounts). This option is very useful if you perform audits in multiple production divisions, in multiple production plants, or perform external audits as a service and each of your clients has different requirements for the quality management system.

Definition of code lists

Here you define important information that is used in other parts of the module. This involves defining a team of auditors and maintaining records of their qualifications and training, as well as defining departments, processes and their links to the requirements of the quality management system.

Question catalogs

The main catalog of questions is used to define the requirements for SŘJ. For individual audit units (accounts) for which different requirements are placed, it is also possible to create question catalogs for the given audit unit. The main catalog of questions as well as the catalogs for individual audit units can be prepared in bilingual form.

Creating a plan of internal audits

To ensure the planning of audits, you will find here the means for creating an annual audit plan. Based on the data defined in the code lists, it is possible to use the functions of automatic generation of the annual plan and automatic assignment of elements of standards or departments for the audited area.

Preparation for the audit

In this section, you will find resources for creating an audit program, resources for generating and preparing audit questions. Questions can be printed in the form for the auditor or for the auditee.
To perform external audits, you have the option of creating a local installation on a laptop and then performing an audit evaluation directly at the supplier.

Audit evaluation

This section contains tools for evaluating performed audits. Recording of detected deviations. Point evaluation of questions and evaluation of audit success according to elements of standards. Defined corrective actions are also recorded here. To create an overall audit report, a number of press reports are prepared as a summary audit report, identified nonconformities, defined corrective actions, evaluated audit questions.

Checking compliance with corrective measures

In order to ensure the proper improvement of the quality management system, it is necessary to check the implementation of corrective measures. This is done using the "Check measures" function, which allows you to list the measures due on a given date and record the status of corrective measures. The selection of control measures can be made according to the selection conditions you have specified - such as due date, department, responsible, question numbers, etc.

Annual summary evaluation

One of the requirements of the standards is to carry out a review of the quality management system. One of the inputs for this review must be a report on the internal audits carried out. For this purpose, you will find here functions for the summary evaluation of audits and a list of detected non-conformities according to individual elements.



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