Management of nonconforming products

This software is designed to control nonconforming products and semi-finished products suspended during production. By using this program, you will gain a perfect overview and control of suspended non-conforming products stored in reserved areas. For suspended products, tools are available to define alternative procedures for their repair or replacement use. It is possible to monitor the progress of the repair, if required by the user. To identify the most common problems, functions are available for graphical evaluation of Pareto analyzes from the point of view of products, product groups and defects, which contribute the most to the number of suspended products. To determine trends in the number of suspended products, it is possible to graphically display the progress of the analyzed indicators.

Main parts of the module:

Definition of code lists

To facilitate data acquisition in other parts of the program, you define code lists such as people, warehouses, products, defect catalog and more.

Warehouses for non-conforming products, receipt and issue from the warehouse

Detected nonconforming products are suspended and placed in spec. premises (warehouses) intended for non-conforming products. Suspended products are registered in individual warehouses. Through this part of the program, you get an overview of suspended products in that warehouses (non-conforming products). Furthermore, the status of processing alternative procedures (repair procedures) and the readiness of products for repair.

Definition of alternative procedures

Tools for creating and printing alternative procedures (repair procedure) and their changes are available in this part of the program.

Monitoring the progress of alternative procedures

If required by the user, you have the opportunity to record and monitor the progress of alternative procedures and thus get a perfect overview of the progress of repairs of nonconforming products.

Analyzes of suspended products

Functions for Pareto analyzes of suspended products according to types of outflows, product groups and defects are available here. To monitor trends, there is the possibility of view progress of the analyzed indicators.

Q-LanYs - Řízení neshodných, pozastavených výrobků   Q-LanYs - Řízení neshodných, pozastavených výrobků   
Q-LanYs - Řízení neshodných, pozastavených výrobků


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