Tasks, Problem solving, Projects, APQP

Task Management, Project Management, Corrective Action, Continuous Improvement, APQP and PPAP

Within the company's management and quality management system, a lot of tasks, actions for improvement, and corrective measures for solving problems are generated. Furthermore, quality objectives and process control indicators are defined for monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system and the effectiveness of individual process management. Now it is necessary to set up a mechanism for maintaining order and an overview of the status of fulfillment of all defined tasks, actions, corrective measures, projects, etc. This is done by the Module "Tasks, Resolution, Project Management, Continuous Improvement, Quality Objectives and Process Indicators". With the help of this module, you will maintain a perfect overview of the status of performance of individual events, responsible employees and deadlines for individual events, and thus control over the development and continuous improvement of your company.

Main parts of the module:

Task management

It is intended for recording and monitoring the fulfillment of general tasks defined at meetings or tasks arising from various activities in the management of the company. Individual tasks and employees can be sorted into groups and thus manage access rights to individual tasks. This means that it is possible to manage own tasks to which no one has access except the owner of these tasks, as well as the tasks of individual departments or solving teams. A list of due tasks as of the required date is a matter of course.

Resolving disagreements

It is used to manage the resolution of nonconformities resulting from, for example, complaints, external audits, etc. For each solved problem, it is possible to determine whether it will be solved in the manner of common tasks or 8D methodology with the possibility of printing 8D Reports.

Project management, APQP and PPAP

For project management are available functionos for new product development projects - APQP and preparation of documentation for approval of the first samples - PPAP. All projects has the possibility of generating a GANTT diagram (graphical representation of the time course of the project).

Continuous improvement

It is mainly the management of long-term actions aimed at improving the current situation or solving long-term problems.

Quality objectives and process control indicators

Here you have the option of defining the company's quality goals and breaking them down into individual departments or employees. For each goal, you can record the progress of their fulfillment, including the definition of additional tasks to ensure the achievement of the desired goals. For each process, you have the option of defining any number of control indicators with the possibility of graphical monitoring of their progress.

Definition of code lists

To facilitate data acquisition in other parts of the program, you define code lists such as People, Checkpoints, Functions, Processes and more.



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